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By getting the inspiration from his Divine master (Guru) he says "In the good of others, lies our own"Pujya Bhaiji following this motto he had always been traveling. His travels are for the spiritual upliftment of all and to spread indian culture and social cause .Also he travels for The enrichment and spreading the divine message from our holy scriptures as Shrimad Bhagwat Maha puran, Ramayana, Bhagwad Gita. He has built several Mandirs for God, traveled across the nation to visit devotees’ houses , Schools , Hospitals , Adivasi Areas, Factories , Tirth kshetras , Ashrams, orphan ages, old age homes etc. yet does not own his vehicle or any other property. This selfless travel is Vicharan - to travel for the good of others, for the spiritual upliftment of others and to show the right path of life. 
Sant shri Manish Bhaiji Maharaj’s Vicharan has been recorded in diaries and photos, audio and videos, but much more so in each heart that he has touched during his Vicharan.
Here you get the photos and detels of Pujya Bhaijis recent vichran.





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