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Vedic School (Ved Vihar Vidhyashram):

                In India today there are thousands and thousands of impoverished children in the villages and cities. Some are orphaned. Some are partially orphaned. Some have parents who are simply not able to provide for themselves, let alone their children. Simple shelters with food, beds and babysitters are not sufficient. These children need not only to be fed and sheltered — they need to be educated and trained so they can be productive members of society. They need to be inculcated with values, ethics and spirituality which will make them torchbearers of Indian culture.
                  The Bhagwat Niketan Ashram is construct a vaidic School names Ved Vidiya vihar which will provid nearly 200 young impoverished, disadvantaged boys with a basic academic education as well as intensive sanskrit and ancient Vedic texts. Their days will be filled with yoga, meditation, Vedic chanting, reading of scriptures, mathematics, seva and special programs designed to infuse their lives with essential values and ethics. They will not only get a full academic education, but they will also be trained to be cultural ambassadors, carrying with them—wherever they go—the deep values and culture of honesty, integrity, purity, piety, dedication and selflessness.
Their education will include the following essential components:
(1) A full, standard academic education,
(2) Training in the ancient Vedic knowledge and traditions,
(3) A moral and value-based education which is crucially needed in modern society.
                      From the first minute that the boys arrive, their identity will change from "orphan" and "poor" to "Rishikumar." With that slight, simple change of term, their entire identities will change. Looks of hopelessness will become looks of great optimism and hope. Lightless eyes will become bright, shining eyes. Feelings of destitution and despair will become feelings of pride, of faith and of enthusiasm.
In referance to this Pujya bhaiji was already started constructed of this vedic school for impartingVedic Education and Spiritual Enlightenment to the scholars at Bhagwat Niketan Ashram, Chichpalli Dist. Chandrapur. Much of the construction part is been completed this Vedic School consist of one Yagya Purush Narayan Temple, Yagyashala, six class rooms for giving the knowledge of six holy shastras, Sarva tirth kund carrying the holy water of all sacred trithas and holy rivers of india surrounding by beautiful gardens and this vedic school is having a special path way (Parikrama) in the shape of divine symbol “Omkar”. With all these specialties this vedic educational center stands with its own incomparable significance.
Humble Request –
The vedic educated scholars inspired and willing to serve the vedic educational activities through the services of our Ashram may join us for voluntary seva. Please Conway your wish to join us, just simply fill up the form and submit at our web site.
The parsons who wish to help for the education can donate for the distribution of vedic school uniforms, stationary items, Sanskrit text books, note books, Holy books, epic etc.
Funding for the Vedic school building construction and required material.
Even you can donate for the scholarships and adopt a student for yearly, five yearly or lifelong educations by joining us as a life member of sanstha.
You can directly donate by the Pay pal service for the bank transaction directly thought you bank accounts. 



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