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        Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means "gathering together for the truth" or, more simply, "being with the truth." Truth is too simple for words, before thought gets tangled up in nouns and verbs
There is a wordless sound, a deep breathless sigh of overwhelming relief to find the end of fiction in this ordinary yet extraordinary moment when words are recognized as words and truth is recognized as everything else.
Truth is what is real, what exists. So all there is, is Truth. Whenever something increases your experience of the Truth, it opens your Heart and quiets your mind. Conversely, whenever something, such as a thought, fear, or judgment, limits or narrows your experience of the Truth, the Heart contracts and the mind gets busier. We are all equally endowed with this capacity to discriminate the Truth. Thus, the true teacher, or satguru, is within you, and satsang, or being with the Truth, is endless. You have always been here in the embrace of your true nature as aware, loving space. You have always been in satsang.this experience develops by regularly being in the presence of your spiritual guru.
To reinforce the holy teachings from our Shastras like Shrimad bhagwat, Ramayana, Geeta, Vachnamrutam and others to live a spiritually charged and morally pure life, followers of the Sanstha regularly attend weekly satsang and participate with their families. Weekly satsan provide a practical escape from the fast-paced, materialistic environment in which we live. Moreover, This Satsang offers a daily dose of spirituality in an online format. Darshan of murtis from our temples and this darshan maintains one’s focus on God admidst one’s daily routine.
The most common feature of satsang is the weekly assembly attended by devotees at the mandir or center nearest to their homes. These assemblies are weekly gatherings for all ages, where readings of the scriptures and singing of kirtans is combined with prayers and discourses. Programs at the assemblies are presented by both children and adults
This Recharges your spirits and refreshes your mind .So by attending weekly satsang assemblies. The introduced weekly satsang on Sundays are the easiest way to cleanse people’s minds of the chaos and strife from their everyday lives and to bolster their spiritually. In fact, it is requested that devotee’s reguraly attend these weekly satsang even if it meant closing their businesses for one day and risk losing monetary profit! This tradition continues to be central to all the devotees. Weekly satsang are a weekly event at our sanstha centers. During this assembly, the congregation participates in chanting the holy name of lord (dhoon), bhajan, mansi, video presentations, cultural programs, and spiritual discourses by Pujya bhaiji or learned devotees.  
Here weekly audio and video 'Satsang ' is available.



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