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According to Hindu tradition, the sanskaras are essentially the "rites of passage" that a person passes through in life – from conception to death. However, any definition in English falls short of the deep significance and meaning of the Sanskaras in the lives of Hindus. A closer definition is the word "sacrament," for a sacrament implies an outward celebration or ceremony symbolic of an inward growth, change or grace. The sanskaras refer to the main religious/spiritual purificatory rites and rituals for sanctifying the body and mind, such that growth may be positive, progressive and smooth. Each sanskara has a particular ritual and puja associated with it. The proper, pious completion of the ritual associated with each sanskara ensures that the crucial lessons of each "rite" are learned and that the next stage of life can be successfully entered. There are 16 sanskaras out of which 4 main sanskaras, which are performed with great piety, devotion and tradition by the Sanstha in the holy personal of Pujya Bhaiji in Chandrapur. These four are: 1. Yagyapavit sanskar 2. Mundan Sanskar 3. Marriage 4. Jatakarma
Humble Request
* We invited the devotees who inspired and interested to organize Sanskar events in the Divine and guidance of Pujya bhaiji. May contact us.
The one who is deeply interested to take part in forth coming Sanskar event may join us to get the updates of Sanstha activities and the future program.
* You can directly donate by the Pay pal service from the bank transaction directly thought your bank accounts and help to organize such type for those who are willing to perform but are not able to spend for it.




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