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Relief Work
*We encourage, organize, arrange distribution of free or concessional food, clothing to the needy and poor.
*We encourage or help by endowments to needy persons such as orphanage, widows, aged, handicapped or other deserving people.
*We construct and provide free of charge or on concessional rent houses to needy persons such as orphans, widows, aged, handicapped and other deserving persons.
General Welfare:
*We work for dig, repair and maintain wells, tanks, canals etc., to provide water to the general public.
*We install Water cooling machines to provide cool drinking water to the general public.
*We build, maintain, construct and repair Dharamshalas and many other places of public utility.
*We feed cows and maintain gaushalas, panjrapoleson the moral of “Jeev Daya” anukumpa even in the time of earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities.
*We give help to widows, orphans and other needy persons by way of food, clothing, medicines, books or otherwise.
*We help persons affected by earthquakes, floods and other natural calamities.
*We establish run, maintain or construct places like Vridhashram, Ananthashram orphanages and other places for providing accommodations to orphans, widows, elderly and ailing persons.
Humble Request –
* The volunteer’s inspired and willing to serve the activities through the services of our Ashram may join us for Relief Work Please Conway your wish to join us, just simply fill up the form and submit at our web site.
* The parsons who wish to help for the Relief Work can donate for the distribution of all required material.
* You can also be a life member by donating a fixed amount for Relief Work which can be used timely for the cause.
* You can directly donate by the Pay pal service from the bank transaction directly thought your bank accounts.



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