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 This magnificent Bhagwat Temple is being constructed with pink stones with intricate carvings representing India

Ved Vihar Vidhyashram (Vedic School)

    This Vedic School being constructed is for imparting Vedic Education and Spiritual Enlightenment to the

Gyan Prabhodhini Vidya Mandir

  This exclusive school is being established to offer free education to the underprivileged  children a

Dhanwantari Seva Nikunj

 This huge hospital with differe


 This exclusive building is an Animal Care Centre which is being established as a Gaurakshan Kendra serving cows

Sarva Tirth Kunda

 The Sarva Tirth Kunda is a great source of purity & blessings of all the thirtha in India at one place. 

Bhagwad Yog Kala Kendra

 This holistic School of Art would be a symbol of Indian Culture. It would have provision to provide coaching in

Gyan Prabhodhini Vidya Vihar

 Based on the the design of a Gurukul, this residen

Dhruvashram, Phrahaladashram
 This spacious six- storey building would serve as Hostel for the students studying in the Ashram Campus. It wo
Narayan Swarup Saint Vihar

 This building would be an abode of all the saints

The Ashram

63 Feet tall Hanuman Idol
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