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Mission and Vision of the Ashram:

   Our country India has been well-known all over the world since ages for its rich cultural heritage and traditions. It has been inspiring all the nations of the world. But sadly in the present scenario, the youths of our country have been influenced by western culture and they are misled, treading the wrong path. The present generation is almost unaware of our Sanatan Sanskriti and they see it in a materialistic point of view. We have forgotten our rich culture and tradition, ancient thoughts and golden history of our country. As a result we are losing the worth of our life.  
  Fortunately, whenever we found ourselves amidst cultural and spiritual insecurity, there emerged such great seers and saints who have dispelled the darkness of ignorance by the light of their knowledge. These great leaders have propagated the ancient religion and values all over the world and have offered a new light to the society. By way of establishing temples, ashrams and sanskar dhams these leaders have successfully tried to plant a seedling of culture in everyone. 
  With this noble thought, Shri Bhagwat Heritage Service Foundation, under the able guidance of Shri Manish Bhaiji Maharaj   initiated the establishment of an exclusive ashram named Shri Bhagwat Niketan which is located 20 km from Chandrapur at Chichpalli. The ashram is in a sprawling area of 10 acres and is under construction. The ashram is a representation of our identity, rishis, saints, acharya, tirth, culture and symbols and is a centre of knowledge of the Bhagwat Sanskriti. The ashram would exhibit our great scriptures, culture, ancient beliefs and traditions. 
   The initial phase of construction of this noteworthy ashram has already begun. This ashram would imbibe the qualities of tolerance, good behavior, love, selfless and service minded attitude in individuals and provide excellent education, knowledge, culture, good health and meditation . 
    So let us have a look at the various projects operating in the ashram which are designed for the benefit of mankind.



The Ashram

63 Feet tall Hanuman Idol
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