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Medical Care:

                            There is a charitable clinic on the premises of the ashram, providing free testing, first-aid and medicines for minor/common ailments on a daily basis. On a frequent and regular basis throughout the year, the clinic serves as the location for free medical health camps organized by Bhagwat Niketan. These camps include surgical eye camps (in which hundreds of patients receive free cataract operations with the latest phaco technique and modern lenses), urology, internal medicine, ayurveda, homeopathy, nature cure, pediatrics, ob-gyn, acupressure, and much more.
                            Dedicated teams of doctors travel from across the Country and around villages to come and serve their sisters and brothers who are ailing from diseases in the Chandrapur. Further, the camps sometimes travel by mobile vans into the villages, bringing care to the doorstep of the needy. At a recent camp, a team of nearly 30 doctors, nurses and volunteers from Chandrapur to several villages, treats thousands of villagers. These mobile camps are continuing to increase in frequency and in services provided along with the distribution of medicines.

The medical services include:

Eye camps – Check up and detection of optical diseases are carried out. Cataracts and intra ocular implant surgeries are carried out by renowned ophthalmologists who volunteer their time.
Polio camps - Eradicating Polio has been a medical challenge for India and the Polio drives have been extremely successful in their “Two drops of life” campaign. Pujya Bhaiji is also very supportive of this noble cause and the premises of Bhagwat Niketan are regularly used for the organization of such camps. People around the area attend the camps and thousands of children are administered with the polio vaccine. Surgeries have been sponsored by the Trust for hundreds of children affected by polio.
General Diagnostic camp – Diagnosis and treatment of various diseases through general practitioners are also organized regularly.
* General medical checkups are also provided on campus during events.
Blood Donation camps - Very often during Kathas, organizations set up blood donation camps in the campus of that katha itself so that people coming to listen to the katha could donate blood. The Trust is also running a dispensary and providing free diagnosis and medicines to people.
Homeopathy camp – Diagnosis and treatment of various Cornice diseases through Homeopathy practitioners are also organized regularly along with the distribution of medicines.
Ayurved camps – The Painful diseases like arthritis, cervical spondiletis, joint pain, back pain, knee pain and even paralytic patients are also treated and cured by the specialists doctors team coming from Nirog Dham, Jabalpur at every last Sunday of the Month.
Humble Request –

*The Doctors inspired and willing to serve the man kind through the services of our Ashram may join us. Please Conway your wish to join us, just simply fill up the form and submit at our web site.

 *The parsons who wish to help by the medical care can donate for the operation, diagnosis, treatment or medicinal distribution directly by the Pay pal service for the bank transaction directly thought you bank accounts.



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