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Group marriage

In Indian culture marriage is considered an important ritual. By this sacred bond between two individuals, two families, two Traditions it unites making harmony of the society. The family grown by Ideal marriage children, aged, sick and the sages are served all by the married couple. On one hand the rich family in society, marriage is regarded as the festival and they celebrate with huge expenses. On the other hand, many poor families are unable to marry their children’s. To reorganize the society and poor households, to support the society system – our sanstha by understanding the humanitarian liabilities we arrange 'group marriage 'for many daughters in poor families. Under the guidance of pujya Bhaiji along with his Bhagwat Katha already many of the marriages had been accomplished at the expense of the sanstha. These marriages are conducted for all religion s, of all nations; he organized many group marriages of poor. By the help of Donors, more than 800 marriages solemnized in the last five years and had been made successful. The married couple is gifted with the wedding chain, clothing , utensils , official registration of marriage is been done, along with the newly-married couple 11 persons from both sides are served with special food and all the law - legislation of religion are performed.. So far, all of these marriages were performed for the poor from all religions, all the ethnics, all the states and provinces. The individuals which are disabled, the blinds, the orphans, the widow are also got married on these occasions. Thus the sanstha works for the social humanitarian moral cause by organizing such group –marriages. So far, all of these special Services are dedicated to society and mankind.

Humble Request:

* We invite the devotees who are inspired and interested to organize such Group Marriage events in the Divine guidance of Pujya bhaiji. May contact us.
*The parsons who wish to help for the ‘Group Marriage’ Activities can donate for the distribution of Gifts, Clothes and all required material.
*The one who is deeply interested to take part in forth coming Group Marriage event may join us to get the updates of Sanstha activities and the future program.
*You can donate by cash or kind with required goods for the gifts. You can transfer your amount directly by the Pay pal service from the bank transaction directly thought your bank accounts and help to organize such type for those who are willing to perform but are not able to spend for it.





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