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           H.H Shri Manish Bhaiji Maharaj (Pujya Bhaiji) initiated the establishment of Shri Bhagwat Heritage Service Foundation (Registration no: B.T. ACT E-255) A socio cultural spiritual organization serving to the god & humanity with the objective to bring about a positive change in the society by Strengthening it through eradication of social evils and inculcating good values, character, religious and pious attitude, righteousness and creativity among the people. A good society leads to a good and ideal Nation which is revered all over the world. This national level organization is headed by Shri Manish Bhaiji Maharaj and it has a huge devotee following, well-wishers, social activists and benevolent donors.


Background (History)
In the present world human life is losing its worth. Materialism has increased multifold and religiousness and spiritualism has declined drastically. Tolerance has become non-existent. Man has reached the moon but he is going away from his near and dear ones. It’s ironical that we have faster means of communication now but we are not able to communicate with each other in true sense. Though we are involved in a lot of religious activities, they have become mere rituals. To inspire human beings to embrace the right path of Spirituality, culture and ideals they should be exposed to epics like Bhagwat and Ramayana says Sant Shri Manish Bhaiji Maharaj.
According to him to transform our society into an ideal and secular one the young and the old must be motivated to get involved in religious and social work for the betterment of the society. So this organization is the platform to organize such activities and is dedicated in the name of god & humanity.



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