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 The future planning’s of the sanstha for our Projects and Activities are as follows:


* We plan for establishing Libraries, Vedic Schools, Cultural Centers, Art Galleries, Sports & Music School, Yoga and Meditation Centers.

* Setting up Residential Schools imparting Indian Culture, Scholarship, Research Assistance and Financial help to poor students.
* Free Hospitals & Health Care Centers along with free ambulance services, Medical Camps.
* Serving food and clothing to the needy.
* Propagating and creating awareness about Indian Culture and Heritage.
* Publication of Periodicals, Magazines, Books, Cassettes, CDS & Audio Video Media.
* Enlightening the society and the youth through spiritual consort & organizing huge Bhagwad Katha with Mass Gathering of the people around the world.
* Providing Water facilities in the rural areas by digging wells, Hand pumps, Tunnels, Water Supply Centers and Animal Care Centers.
* Helping People in the wake of Natural disasters like Earthquake, Flood, and Cyclone etc.
* Constructing Dharmashalas (Residential Ashram) and Temples (Sanskar Dham) in the service of God, culture and humanity.
* Organizing Free Health Camps, Eye Donation camps, Blood Donation Camps, Dental Camps, and others.
* Group Marriages of the economically challenged, organizing ideal marriages curbing the dowry system.
* Organizing Value Based Classes for Children, Youth Empowerment and Personality Development Programmed, Drug Rehabilitation Centers and others and many more planning as been done according to the aims and objective of the sanstha for the service to the God and Humanity.



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