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                     Pujya Bhaiji believes "Vidya amrutm ashnuate", through education one can have all happiness in life. He also believes that an educated person is a valuable asset to the society as he can contribute to the development of the nation. True to his belief Bhagwat niketan in Chandrapur stands as a testimony to his commitment for promoting education. Achieving a high literacy rate is one of the greatest challenges of any nation. With this principle, teachers from ashram have been instrumental in going into the villages and trying to provide basic education to the rural folk. Bhaiji recognizes that the populations of the villages which are remotely located are unable to access educational facilities and therefore education must reach them where they are.
One of the primary objectives of all the Trusts is to promote education.
Some educational projects financed by the Shri Bhagwat sanskruti seva pratishthan Trust are:
“Gyan prabodhini vidya vihar, CBSE school ” at Bhagwat niketan, Chandrapur.
This exclusive school pouring education as a free children's school on the premises of Bhagwat Niketan Ashram called “Gyan Prabhodhini Vidya Mandir” is being established to offer free education to the underprivileged children and providing them with basic amenities so that they have a prosperous future, word quickly spread that it was the best, free school in the area.
Along with this we also distribute school uniforms, school bags, Tiffin boxes, water bottles, stationary items, text books, note books, shoes are also provide
Scholarships to the poor and brilliant students are also provided by the trust regularly.
Inspired and guided by Pujya Bhaiji for the cause of Vidya Vikas the Trust monetarily help other worthy organizations that are focused on education for the poor in the district, for example, funding granted for schools and many other help is done.


Bal Vikas Kendra
                         Regular vocational guidance, for the future employment help, to the needy is provided at our centers worldwide. During holiday periods the Sanstha organizes special Classes and conventions with practical workshops where students receive guidance on education.


Humble Request –

The teachers inspired and willing to serve the educational activities through the services of our Ashram may join us for voluntary seva. Please Conway your wish to join us, just simply fill up the form and submit at our web site.

*The parsons who wish to help for the education can donate for the distribution of school uniforms, school bags, Tiffin boxes, water bottles, stationary items, text books, note books, shoes etc.
Funding for the school building construction and required material.
Even you can donate for the scholarships and adopt a student for yearly, five yearly or lifelong educations by joining us as a life member of sanstha.
you can directly donate by the Pay pal service for the bank transaction directly thought you bank accounts.



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