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Annadan: Feeding the Poor

                   Annadan is providing food or drink to those in need, is an early form of Indian charity. From ancient times to this day, it is considered one of the greatest gifts to offer food to the hungry. Annadan is just one type of charity. Dana, at the root of the word annadan, is the traditional word for Indian charity and it appears in a variety of ways. The giving of Dana is believed to secure divine blessings for the giver and is meant to be a purifying act. The practice has Hindu roots, but is common in all parts of Indian society.
In early times it was customary for Indians to open their homes and offer food to the poor. If a family had plenty, the owner of a home would often go out into the streets and call out for anyone who was hungry to join his family for a meal.
             To honors the ancient tradition of annadan and provide help to those in need, many Indian charitable trust (Sanstha) offer special meals to the poor. One such charity, believes that feeding the poor is the first step in breaking out of a destructive cycle of poverty. The charity believes that by being fed people are better able to cope with life. “Good food makes the needy not only concentrate on life, it also improves their health and good society.” Annadan is an important part of the donating traditions of India. The recognition that food is such a basic and crucial element to life has held a primary position in Indian philanthropy.
              Pujya Bhaiji takes every opportunity to feed the poor at bhagwat Niketan. During Anushthan and during the Mandir Mahotsav thousands of people are fed twice a day.
*During the Anushthan and Utsav itself more thousands people are fed annually.
 *During the Mandir Mahotsav, thousands of people were fed during the celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti, Diwali, Holi and other Fastivals.
 *At the Prabhu Prasad at Bhagwat Niketan, lunch is provided free of charge as Prasad of Shri Maharudra Kashthabhanjan Hanumanji. Thousands people including the poor and less privileged are fed in a year.
Humble Request –
* The volunteers inspired and willing to serve the activities through the services of our Ashram may join us for Annadan seva. Please Conway your wish to join us, just simply fill up the form and submit at our web site.
* The parsons who wish to help for the Annadan seva can donate for the distribution of Grains, Vegetables and all required material.
* You can join this seva by donating by special day as your Birthday, Anniversary day or in remembered of your late parents & Ancestors.
* You can also be a life member by donating a fixed amount for annadan seva which can be.
* you can directly donate by the Pay pal service from the bank transaction directly thought your bank accounts.



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