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Animal Care: Gauseva

At the Bhagwat Niketan Ashram, Gaushala (cowshed) has been built to preserve local breed of the cow. Vedic culture considers the cow as the mother of mothers since it has the ability to feed, provide and support humanity in so many ways. Hence the cow has been revered as sacred, to be protected and preserved. Essentially this is a depiction of the necessity to preserve what helps you support yourselves. The cow has remained the basis of India's development in the nascent stages of one's life that is by provision of milk for food, manure through cow-dung for agricultural purposes, after its death for leather for footwear and other uses and its bones for chemical uses. The 'Gaumootra' (liquid effuse) and ‘Gaumay’ (solid effuse) have medicinal uses in Ayurveda and also to carry out sacred rituals.
Now a day’s though the cow stands so important and holy in our nation many of the cows are send to this slaughter house and the poor farmers who are unable to feed there cattails leave them to suffer from hunger and diseases. To help and care such type of cows our sanstha has taken a solid stapes to give shelter, food, medicines and proper care. For such type of cows Animal care center has been developed at the Bhagwat Niketan Ashram.
The Gaushala has been developed in a lush green environment surrounded by large trees and currently houses over 200 cows. It is situated close to the statue of 'Shri Maharudra Kashthabhanjan Hanumanji'. The Gaushala is made up of huge shade, one for housing the cows the other shade is for storing fodder and a water tank. It even has an administrative office to monitor the consumption of fodder, to carry out regular medical check-ups. There is a field of 2.5 acres to cultivate and grow the green and fresh cattle feed. The ‘Gwalas’ (workers) assigned with the task of caring for cows have been provided with quarters in the Gaushala itself with all the amenities to support them. All the cows are treated with great love and care. Each cow has been given a name and recognizes its name on being called. In this way the sanstha is always devoted for the great service for cows by the animal care center.
Humble Request –
* The parsons who wish to help for the Gauseva Activities can donate for the distribution of Cattel feed, Cow and all required material.
* You can donate the material for the newly constricting shade for Goushala.
* You can donate for organizing the medical camps for Gouseva.
* You can even donate the cows at our Ashram in the name of “Gaudan”.
* You can also be a life member by donating a fixed amount for Gauseva which can be ser the cows long lasting.
* You can directly donate by the Pay pal service from the bank transaction directly thought your bank accounts.



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