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Shri Manish Bhaiji Maharaj as being the spiritual head and the founder chairman of the sanstha his opinion is that after-independence our responsibilities have increased and so do our challenges. Earlier we had a specific aim to fight the British but now we have a series of foes to fight with, most of them internal or domestic. There are a number of challenges. The youths of today are lost, values are deteriorating, selfish attitude, hypocrisy, and greed and corruption are rampant in our society. In this scenario, our A socio cultural spiritual organization serving to the god & humanity with our volunteers have taken up the responsibility of protecting the society from social evils and bringing about a revolution. Expressing concern over the existing tribulations and superstitions in the society, Shri Manish Bhaiji Maharaj, advises the masses to eschew show-off in religious activities. In his discourses and in the sanstha actives he vehemently condemns blind-faith, dowry, smoking, drug-addiction and other evils. Religion today must be a blend of both ancient tradition and modern manifestation so according to the aim & objectives of the sanstha. We always strike a balance between the ancient and modern culture and works efficiently for the upliftment of society.



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