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Ashram Activities:

With the Divine aims & objectives of the sanstha to serve the mankinds to present running activities in our ashram are as follows:
* Gauseva: At the Bhagwat Niketan Ashram, Gaushala (cowshed) has been built to preserve local breed of the cow. The Gaushala has been developed in a lush green environment surrounded by large trees and currently houses over 200 cows. The Gaushala is made up of huge shade, one for housing the cows the other shade is for storing fodder and a water tank. It even has an administrative office to monitor the consumption of fodder, to carry out regular medical check-ups. There is a field of 2.5 acres to cultivate and grow the green and fresh cattle feed. The ‘Gwalas’ (workers) assigned with the task of caring for cows have been provided with quarters in the Gaushala itself with all the amenities to support them. All the cows are treated with great love and care. In this way the sanstha is always devoted for the great service for cows by the animal care center.


Medical Camps: There is a charitable clinic on the premises of the ashram, providing free testing, first-aid and medicines for minor/common ailments on a daily basis. On a frequent and regular basis throughout the year, the clinic serves as the location for free Homeopathic and Allopathic medical health camps organized by Bhagwat Niketan.

*Annadan: Pujya Bhaiji takes every opportunity to feed the poor at bhagwat Niketan. During Anushthan and during the Mandir Mahotsav thousands of people are fed twice a day.
*During the Anushthan and Utsav itself more thousands people are fed annually.
*During the Mandir Mahotsav, thousands of people were fed during the celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti, Diwali, Holi and other Fastivals.
*At the Prabhu Prasad at Bhagwat Niketan, lunch is provided free of charge as Prasad of Shri Maharudra Kashthabhanjan Hanumanji. Thousands people including the poor and less privileged are fed in a year.  
* Anti Addiction: Anti-addiction are a regular, all-year-round activity by Bhagwat Niketan Ashram around the State. Pujya Bhaiji and volunteers continually move from village to village, city to city, meeting and counseling addicts into giving up tobacco, smoking, drinking and drugs. Together with mobile exhibitions displayed in schools, factories, village squares, fairs, railway stations, public places and private functions and Bhagwat kathas, yagyas & Ram kathas these activities have attained long lasting success. In this year the Sanstha has organized Anti-addiction camps in Chichpali Ashram Dist.chandrapur, in which 10,000 people were de-addicted by drinking alcohol.  
* Vedic school & Sarva Tirth kund Construction: Pujya bhaiji was started constructed of vedic school for imparting Vedic Education and Spiritual Enlightenment to the scholars at Bhagwat Niketan Ashram, Chichpalli Dist. Chandrapur. Much of the construction part is been completed this Vedic School consist of one Yagya Purush Narayan Temple, Yagyashala, six class rooms for giving the knowledge of six holy shastras, Sarva tirth kund carrying the holy water of all sacred trithas and holy rivers of india surrounding by beautiful gardens and this vedic school is having a special path way (Parikrama) in the shape of divine symbol “Omkar”. With all these specialties this vedic educational center stands with its own incomparable significance.
* Garden, Benches & play station has been developed.
             Along with these thousands of devotees attempt the ashram to get the holy blessings of lord Hanumana. Even preformed poojas same of them organizes picnics and many of the school trips come to visit even with this the meditation center has been develop under the Lotus feet of Shri Vigrahm. So some of them mediated there for the internal peace and happiness the devotees also write several pages of divine Ram Nama thus with the socio, culture, spiritual, objects the activities in the ashram are full of joy happiness social serves, spiritual blessings, natural beauty serving in the name of God and Humanity.
            We invite you humbly to join hands with this great service and visit this divine ashram ‘Bhagwat Niketan’ waiting for your arrival shortly.
                     Heartiest welcome Form
Bhagwatacharya Manishbhaiji Maharaj and the devoted working team.


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