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63 Feet tall Hanuman Idol

              Chandrapur city has been showered by the spiritual blessing of lord hanumana by having the unique “shaktipeeth” built-up by Shri Bhagwat Heritage Service Foundation at the divine Ashram Bhagwat Niketan located in the dense forest of Tadoba, 20km away from Chandrapur City in Chichpalli Village.
             With the divine aim to relief the suffering of all devotees and human kind In the present time of kaliyug. First time in the Vidharbha zone, a large 63 ft statue of Hanumana has been monumented in the Ashram resolved by Bhagwatacharya Santshri Manishbhaiji Maharaj. The bhumipujan was held on 10/3/2008.
             This Shri Vigrah has been sculptured by the scholars of south India the Shilpacharyas had decided the special land for this divine statue and the yantras were placed beneath the earth at the time of “shilanyas”. The square foundation of 400 sq ft was chosen for the foundation.
             This indicates for four yagas, four directions and four Vedas it signifies the divine power of shri hnumana all the time in all the directions. 14 ft height has been given to the pedestal. Indicating the 14divisoin of the universe. Indicating 24 elements of the universe a huge lotus has been created with its 24 petals above this a beautiful statue of Mahavir Hanumana has been constructed with the prefect anatomy with its 36 fits height. This shri vigrah is placed on the 63 ft throne containing 10 ft parasol crown. 8 ft base of the lotus on which the statue stands indicates the 8 types of supreme spiritual power (Ashta siddhi) laying with shri Hanumana and Shri Rama Yantra is placed in 8 different places with this monument. Indicating the 9 treasure and the 9 ways of devotion (Bhakti) in the height of 63 ft (6+3=9) has been decided the parasol his decorated with 39 bells hanging which stands for 12 zodiac sighs (Rashis) and 27 Nakshatras (12+27=39). 4 gate ways are made-up to reach the monument standing for 4 vedas on top of the parasol five kalash are mounted for panch lokpal Deity (Devtas). As Hanumana is the eleventh avtar of Rudra 11 ft the flag is been hoisted. with all this specialties this monument has its own significance and incredible importance has been given to it by all the visitors around the globe.
            This ever blessing Shri Vigrah is named has “Jay Shri Maharudra Kashthabhanjan Hanuman” this 16 lettered name indicates the divine 16 Mantras of Rudra beneath this monument there is a meditation temple were the devotees mediate. even they chant the holy name of lord Rama and they write several times and present them in the lotus feet of Shri Hanumana this place is endowerd with his divine presence and blessing to resolve the problems and sufferings of all the devotees who came to his holy darshan and offer there poojas with devotion to his divine lotus feet.
            May lord Hanumana blessed all of you we heartiestly invite you all to come and get the divine darshan and blessings so please visit soon to our ashram as earliest with your convenience. Jay shri Ram Jay Hanuman.



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63 Feet tall Hanuman Idol
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